Why can’t I find my website on Google?

by | Feb 20, 2017

This is a question we get asked regularly. There was a time when it was enough to just have a website but then everyone started getting websites, everyone started setting up Facebook pages and the key search phrases for your website were finding more and more web pages that just weren’t actually relevant to the person searching.

Google, and other search engines, developed more sophisticated algorithms to rank websites according to their most likely relevance against the search phrase.

But it’s not just search terms or key words that are important to Google. It’s the authority of the website, how recently was it updated? How many visitors does it get? Is it mobile responsive? Do other websites link back to it?

These are all things that help Google rank a website.

Mobile friendly

So straight away, mobile responsiveness should be a given in any new websites because no web designer would build you an unresponsive website in this day and age. But if your website is a couple of years old then it’s worth checking how your website looks on mobile devices and if it looks exactly the same as on a desktop and you have to zoom in to read the text then you need a refresh. (Get in touch, our rates are very reasonable)! 80% of web traffic goes through a mobile device so concentrate more on how easy it is to use on a small screen and less on how pretty it looks on a big screen.

Content is king

Google loves good relevant content. But it can’t read a photo. So you need to have good written content it can match search terms against. And it needs to be regular and current. Building a website that does nothing but sit in its little corner of the web isn’t going to catch Google’s attention. Add a blog or news section, write some articles that are of interest to your visitors and keep a constant flow of new content added to your site. You wouldn’t stock the same old products in your shop, you add new lines to attract more customers and return visitors. So why wouldn’t you keep adding new content to your website?

Tell people

You might think websites don’t need to be promoted but they do. Fact.
A twitter account, Facebook page or even a Google+ page can help by providing back links to your website. But there’s no point setting up social media accounts if you don’t use them. So if you’re not interested in managing a social network to promote your business then look at other ways – register your website with online directories, try a google advert, or a Facebook sponsored post.

You wouldn’t start a business without doing some form of promotion. Think of your website as the shop floor – you still need to get people to go in and browse before they buy something. You have to let people know you’re there because you can’t just rely on passers by. And there’s no such thing as passers by on the internet.

Websites need looking after, they need maintaining, cleaning and above all they need to attract attention. A website on its own is not a marketing tool, or an advert for your business. With so much business being conducted online, your website is one of the ways people do business with you. They enquire about services, they book tickets, they buy products. Websites are more than just a digital leaflet, they’re your digital office or shop front. So let people know it’s there and that it’s open for business