Sandbox is on the move

by | Jun 30, 2017

It’s true, after 7 years at St Mary’s Complex with the guys at SAFE Regeneration, Sandbox is moving.

There’s no great mystery to this. We just realised that while the space we have is fine for designing and making websites from, it’s not quite big enough for Little Sandbox.

SAFE very kindly loaned us the use of a room from which to run Little Sandbox since we reopened in September 2016. And while the club has grown, it hasn’t grown quite enough to afford to pay rent on its own space. So we decided, the only way we could continue to grow the club was to find new premises, that were both affordable and big enough to accommodate Little Sandbox and our Makerspace.

We thought that was quite a mammoth task and didn’t expect to find anywhere anytime soon – but as luck would have it, we stumbled across a lovely building on Gumtree and, though the owner had given up hope renting it and had actually taken it off the market, we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it and persuaded him to let us move in.

So it needs a bit of work and tidying up so we’ve agreed to hold off our move until the end of August – after we’ve finished running our summer code camps.

The end of August actually coincides with the official 7th birthday of Sandbox actually – seems we’re responding to the 7 year itch before it even gets chance to set in.

Our new premises will be just round the corner from Bankhall Train Station. But don’t worry – you’ll get an invite to the office warming party so you can have a good nose around the place!