Sandbox is a Social Enterprise

Sandbox Digital is a social enterprise, and for most of our customers, operating within the voluntary & community sector, that term is not something new. But not everyone understands what it means when we say we are a social enterprise. You can read more about Social Enterprises here.

In a nutshell Sandbox provides a commercial service, (although we charge a reduced rate to voluntary organisations and other social enterprises), and we also provide training and other community engagement projects. We are part-funded to deliver specific programmes, which often allow us to run activities for free, but we generate the cost of staff salaries in delivering these projects by selling commercial design services.

In a way, it’s almost like doing a sponsored activity. We want to deliver community programmes that engage with women and children to get them interested in technology. But we need to raise money to do that. Charities will host events, take part in a sponsored run or stand in the shopping centre with collection boxes. Instead of asking hundreds of people to sponsor me £1 to do a 5km fun run (which, in all honesty, would be a waste of time as I would never make it past the finish line), we charge organisations to build them a website. That fee goes towards the cost of staff salaries, rent, and the equipment that allows us to provide our kids tech clubs, work experience, and other digital media projects for the local community.