Little Sandbox

Little Sandbox is a tech club we started in September 2015, which aims to address the skills shortages and gender divide in technology careers.

Thanks to funding from BBC Children in Need we started a Saturday morning tech club in the main hall at St Mary’s Complex in Bootle. Since 2016 we now run 2 different clubs:

Kilobytes Club – for ages 6 – 8. This general tech club covers all interests from Minecraft to Raspberry Pi.

Gigabytes Club – for ages 8 – 12. This club focuses on coding and long term group projects such as making a video game, or building a robot.

We’re always working on improving Little Sandbox, and consult regularly with our members and their parents. So far we have around 30 members.


What are the benefits?

  • Social – the club brings together children with a passion for technology and computing. This can be a lonely hobby but while they’re learning at the club, those inquisitive minds naturally start chatting to each other and collaborating on projects.
  • Communication – team work and presentations. We ask our members to develop ideas and feedback to the rest of the group. We come together at the end of each session to see what everyone has worked on, giving everyone a chance to develop their presentation skills and be comfortable speaking out in front of their peers.
  • Technology – future proofing our young people and giving them the best chance of competing in the labour market – as more and more jobs are becoming automated, the most employable people will be those that can speak robot.
  • Wellbeing – a place for kids that don’t like going to kids clubs – a place where they belong.

Find out more at our dedicated website