Why we need to help our schools teach computer science.

A report in the guardian this week, predicts that 600,000 pupils in the UK are being taught by unqualified teachers. The article goes on to describe that in courses such as computer science, the percentage of unqualified staff is higher than in more traditional subjects.
Well of course they are…

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Liverpool MakeFest 2017

It's been a week since Liverpool MakeFest 17 and I'm only just coming down from the excitement of the event. It was my first Maker fair in every sense - as an attendee and as an exhibitor. The event marked a significant moment for me and more importantly...

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The importance of finding your people

We all have people we're close to. Siblings, cousins, friends. We might have friends we've known for so long they're practically family. But despite the close connection we might not necessarily have much in common in terms of hobbies and interests. When I was a kid I...

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