The Big Lottery Fund has awarded us a grant of £5000, to thank us for all the time and effort we put into running our People’s Projects campaign. Our application for the £50,000 grant had been split between 2 goals:

  • to develop an achievements system for Little Sandbox to demonstrate learning and skills – similar to the badges that can be earned at Brownies or Scouts.
  • to replicate the positive outcomes we’ve witnessed with our children so far, and extend them to adults, by starting a makerspace.

Both were quite ambitious, requiring dedicated staff and a lot of equipment. So we’ve scaled down the plans and will be spending the £5000 developing 2 achievement awards and starting a maker night.

Sandbox Maker Night will start on Tuesday 2nd May and run every week for free, for at least the next 6 months. See our maker page for more info.